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ABGyoung adult
aganboss; master; 'you'
aisall gone
angusdestroyed, wiped out
bacolmasturbation material; wank fodder
bencongeffeminate homosexual or transvestite. Derived from banci through bencong slang
blocopblow job
blojobblow job
boolengage in anal intercourse
bugilcrazy white person
cacatno good
cekidotcheck it out
cimengweed, marijuana
CLBK'old love blossoms again', keep returning to one's former boy/girlfriend
copascopy and paste
cuki maifuck your mother
curcola sudden expression of one's innermost feelings
curhatto pour out ones heart to someone
dara yesnatexclamation of surprise, literally "blood of Jesus of Nazareth"
emberreally true
epenactually important
fikminmini-fiction. Abbreviation of 'fiksi/fiction mini'
gaptektechnologically challenged
goblokstupid; not clever
gosi takupaspeeled penis, ie. penis with retracted foreskin, or penis that is circumcised; used as a general derogatory term
hapemobile phone; cell phone
indulvery delicious
ja'imto make yourself look good in public (even though this might not be what you are really like)
jomblosingle. unmarried
katrouncool; country hick
kroditcrowded; jammed up (of traffic; etc.)
lalodslow loading (website)
lemotweak brain
likeclick the "like" button in facebook
mati anjingI swear. Literally: I should die as a dog if i am lying
mati kafirI swear. Literally: I should die as an infidel if i am lying
mati kafirI swear. Literally: I should die as an infidel if i am lying
MonasAnas (Urbaningrum) monument
mupengdesire; lust for; horny
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